Münster School of Design, 2014-2016 + Others

Type n Motion: 

Usecases of Prototypo for Prototypo / Design System & How to Campaign

SS 2016


︎︎︎Download the typeface here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/13756975/ADAMCG-PRO-Free-Typeface

Credits for Animation:

A - Kilian Rullkötter
B - Kilian Rullkötter
C - Kira Pohl
D - Joscha Borgers
E - Kilian Rullkötter
F - Tina Lehmkuhl
G - Kilian Rullkötter
H - Rebecca Meyendriesch
I - Joscha Borgers
J - Joscha Borgers
K - Marina Bykova
L - Lukas Brehm
M - Joscha Borgers
N - Marina Bykova
O - Marina Bykova
P - Rebecca Meyendriesch
Q - Rebecca Meyendriesch
R - Kira Pohl
S - Lukas Brehm
T - Tina Lehmkuhl
U - Tina Lehmkuhl
V - Marina Bykova
W - Lukas Brehm
X - Kira Pohl
Y - Lukas Brehm
Z - Kira Pohl
0 - Bahar Zeraatkar
1 - Bahar Zeraatkar
2 - Yannick Römer
3 - Lisa- Marie Fechteler
4 - Bahar Zeraatkar
5 - Yannick Römer
6 - Lisa- Marie Fechteler
7 - Bahar Zeraatkar
8 - Yannick Römer
9 - Lisa- Marie Fechteler
? - Rebecca Meyendriesch
! - Yannick Römer
- - Bahar Zeraatkar
, - Yannick Römer
. - Yannick Römer
& - Tina Lehmkuhl
/ - Lisa- Marie Fechteler
© - Lisa- Marie Fechteler

Each student animated 4 glyphs and had to choose a sounddesign for it. There were several rules like position, length, colours, end and start position and of course typeface, which had to be followed. This exercise aimed to become part of a bigger concept and experience responsibility for a colaborative project. It shows the approach on design as a social process through engagement. Also to give back to a upcoming designer, who had the grace to distribute to the open source culture by uploading and offering a free typeface. Part of the class concept was to surprise the designer with this colabrative proceeded animated alphabet sending the clip, but also the open AE file, which enables to use the animated glyphs for lots of motion products further on.

Type ‘n’ Motion:

experimental Type ‘n’ Motion Experiments

Münster School of Design, 2015
ADAM CD PRO - Animated Typeface by Type ’n’ Motion class SS2015 of FH Münster is an colaborative exercise, which results in a complete animated Alphabet based on a typeface of Shrenik Ganatra, India. The class was lead and concepted by Vertr.Prof. Nina Juric.

vvvv - Type ‘n’ Motion:

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TYPO Berlin 2015

3h EL-Wire character bags workshop @
HKW w/ Trafopop

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