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Praxismodule / Interdisziplinäre Designpraxis

Type ‘n’ Motion Module 2020: ABC x XYZ

Intro / Track+Artist - Lyric-KaraokeClip - Outro/ Monogram  


Type ‘n’ Motion Module 2019: Animated Posters X Robots

Cut up of all student clips:  


typographic context clips 


animated posters



Johnny 5

With posters every student had to design and print.

All was showed on a one-dayshow at ZHdK.

Type ‘n’ Motion Module 2018: ADC AWARDS 2018 – Cubes & Roses 

For this year’s ADC award my class developed a reduced package of only 5 winner categories. 

But: we colaboratively designed, composed and
animated an event opener clip together as a group.

Type ‘n’ Motion Module 2017:
ADC AWARDS 2017 – Unicorns & Explosions

This class developed a package of 18 categories for the awardshow.


Plus an intro, which I animated as a complilation of all.

For each category was an by each students an intro produced aswell as a gold, silver & bronze winners clip along representable keyvisuals, servicing as backgrounds for press photos of the winners.

The clips have been produced as loops and been showed at the stage while the winners entered live on stage.

The sound snippets were selected, edited and delivered in colab w/ Philipp Rahlenbeck.

This typographic CI was developed by VisCom Students, and we adopted it into the motion world. 

Each student got a sound design package, which they had to work along.

Type ‘n’ Motion Module 2016:

On Air Event Package / Animated Design system in coop w/ ADC Switzerland

In this class we created a co-participatory design system for the ADC live Gala as event packaging including:

an opener shown a intro for the ADC Gala



gold/silver/bronze winner clips shown as stage projection while winners being awarded


by Ricardo Santos

Type ‘n’ Motion Module 2015:

In this class we created individual explanation type’n’motion clips, dealing with languange and misunderstandable words.

by Sidney Sutter

Type ‘n’ Motion Module 2014:

Hyperlinked Originals 2013

interdisziplinäre Designpraxis (4.Sem.)

w/ Nico Lypitkas

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