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MXL is invited to join with a team and Prof. Juric will give an input on Sep 8th
@ Choreographic Coding Lab, Köln



2016-2023 @KISD

The Motion Experience Lab started early 2016 as a teaching series of ongoing explorative and innovative short term projects initiated by Prof. Nina Juric, head of image & Motion / KISD.
It took place each semester focusing on applied design research of extended motion within the context of performative interaction and interdisciplinary media creation.

Since 2020 and a successful aquisition of funding by the innovation & invest program of TH Köln,  it has established an own physical lab structure @KISD in the 4th floor and is embedding (and extending) the fotostudio aswell as the VRLab.
It is meant as a practice based design research, multipurpose prototyping and experimental production studio.

Besides our usual lab classes you can easily request a time slot, to work on your project or play around with our MoCap, Azures, VR equipment within the official MXLab opening hours



Inviting renowned guests as sparing partners, designers and artists of her own teaching and research field, Prof. Nina Juric initiates a temporary exploratory living lab within a varying conceptional framework of cross-disciplines. Each time, the aim of these projects is to research hands-on in high-tech environments presented by guests or us on custom-made prototypes and designed artifacts. The higher aim is to extrude them like a studio or innovation lab into progressing conversation pieces and developments dealing with aspects of motion, spatial performance, interaction and experience design. These interdisciplinary frameworks arise from time integrated media environments like art, theater, dance, film, advertisement or show business. In that realm of Image and Motion, contextualized time and an advanced notion of space are the essential parameters to foster an embodied experience.

If you have questions about the lab, the concept and the research and teaching ideas behind, please get in touch with Prof. NJU.

Blender 3D-Lets blow up a planet! /Cut Up Students works SS21 technical Seminar by Sasha Bahrami .

It’s quick, it’s techy, it’s hand-on, it’s action –
a vib
rant, highly interactive learning format, which is
methodically inspired by the performing arts.

It’s quick, it’s techy, it’s hand-on, it’s action –
a vibrant, highly interactive learning format, which is
methodically inspired by the performing arts.

Creative Tech @ MXL Seminar Outcome SS 21 by Till Beyer

Motion Experience Lab#01:
Germany’s next top motion

With guest Artist Keez Duvyes Pips:lab,NL /WS17

The Cow -Performance

The Cow-Teaser

Artefacts of VRenice Beach by Moritz Tontsch & Katharina Wilting︎︎︎


Museum of moving surrealities

Inventing a future museum of motion / practice based research project, 2018
With support VR Artist Hannes Hummel in  cooperation with Global Art Affair (GAA) Foundation
for the Biennal Venice 2018

MXL#04: VRenice Beach II:
Leave your body at the door

Making of Clips SS2019 / Instructed by MXL cooperation partners NEOANALOG | Michael Schmitz & Willem Rabe  / Initiated by Image and Motion Prof. Nina Juric

In this project we were creating radical Out-of-Body-Perception-Machines using VR technology.  / Duration: SoSe19 / 9.1. – 31.3.2019

RUMEIAMU from Marion Kunz,  Ping Feng & Deniz Can Ercan

R U ME? I AM U. Is a project that tried to deal with the self as a virtual representation and a tool of induction of an out of body experience. It is divided into two phases, the first being the MANIFESTATION and then the second, the DETACHMENT. A virtual mirror, reflected in the physical world, will serve as an anchor, the binding element between the two realities and help establish a virtual connection to the self. Yourself in the virtual world is a gender neutral, faceless body, a „Projektionsfläche”, a projection surface, for whatever the user wants to see in it. An abstractly concrete form. The user gets to know their-self within the environment, gets comfortable in the virtual body, blurring the lines between the virtual and the physical, sits down, gets haptically grounded with through impulses, establishing an even deeper connection between the two selfs.

The pulling away starts the second phase, the detachment.

We tried to visualize this process, this unnatural moment of leaving your own body with various visual and acoustic impulses. We thought of that moment as an overstimulation of the senses.

Then the user, now out of their body, can see not only their reflection in the mirror but also themselves. The unnatural nature of this state is again reflected in the distorted visual and acoustic environment. The haptic feedback stays for a little while. The user sees it done to themselves out of their own body while feeling it on their body.

After a while the user is being pushed back into their body, everything back to normal. It is supposed to feel relieving, normal and natural again. Like a deep breath after being in a place of discomfort.

Following the stated questions of the VRenice Beach project in 2018 by Prof.
Nina Juric, this project further investigates space, time and materiality in
motion in virtual spaces: We will explore new ways of real/virtual perception by creating radical and impartial out-of-body experiences based on VR technology. By shifting the self and its point of view we seek to better understand perception and how to design VR applications that help us transcend our fleshy bodies and achieve a new state of mind. No drugs required!
While doing so we combine digital and analog ways of perception. Proper experience design and user interface paradigms will be developed through this process. We will investigate space-time relationships, dynamic materials, shapes and spaces, scale and proportion, surrogates, virtual+physical narratives, physics etc. The general approach will be inspired by principles of the surrealist movement, aiming to better understand and describe the stated non objective reality. The resulting VR experiences will be featured in a showcase of transcendence. We will be working with HTC Vive headsets and Unity3D.

︎︎︎ Band promotion Virtual Vitaliy


Go to project site.
Or find the project documented on this I+M site here.

Motion Experience Lab#05: Die Erfahrung des Bildlosen

Art meets Science meets Visuality - or Intuition? / Experience? / Knowledge? / Epiphany? / Cognition & Emotion?/ Virtual reality?

With VR Artist Tobias Wüstefeldin scientific cooperation with EMBL

Making Of project︎︎︎

Alzheimer Trailer - Or how to forget?︎︎︎

Making Of Alzheimer / Voiced technical presentation ︎︎︎

Motion Experience Lab#02:
Loops in Space

A project initiated by Prof. Nina Juric in colaboration with Michael Titze / Pfadfinderei, Berlin

Participants: Andrea Egidi & Alessandra Facchin (Odyssey) / Alan Chismechian & Leonie Spachtholz / Ashley Nicole Morgan & Antonio Canu / Matthias Grund, Rui Han & Sebastian Miller (Colour Loops) / Hei Wa Wong & Moritz Emil Tronsch (Pensive) / Stefanie Grawe & Nadja Gordina

For the The Motion Experience Lab #02, Prof. NJU invited a good old VJ-fellow: Michael Titze from Pfadfinderei. He is a motion designer, visual artist and a part of the Berlin collective Pfadfinderei. For five years he is touring the world with famous artists. Apart from the projects in his studio in Berlin, the focus on live-shows has changed in recent years. During this workshop, we fundamentally dealt with the scope of VJing and its context, with the topic of Visual Music in general and especially with the video loop as a designed performance module. We discussed the structure of a liveperformance and transferred it to our own applications. Furthermore, each group created video loops and integrated them conceptually into their own stories and performances.

In addition unconventional paths, research results and motion experiments also played a role in this process. Once we have determined the basics, we wanted to look at more specific questions such as video mapping, sound synchronicity and midi mapping. In the end we discussed and evaluated the results in a friday presentation. The goal of the workshop was to gain the ability to understand the fundamentals of a live performance as a VJ, to create the necessary and bring the whole set into a performative form including extensive documentation.

Find all projects documented on this vimeo album ︎︎︎Go


You find all official information about our KISD internal Lab i.e. about latest news, equipment, opening times, LAB guidelines, tutorials, research projects and further inspirations here

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MXL Founder / Creative Lead:
Prof. Nina Juric – Head of Image & Motion department / BA + MA Integrated Design / KISD - faculty of cultural sciences, TH KÖLN
Since November 2020 the lab is supported by:
Marko Bodenstein (Scientific-technical employee/ project support / technical setup 22/23)
Bessie Normand (MA student assistant / communication / MXL 22/23)
Lukas Kostka (student assistant / Blender 22/23)
Paul Heimbach (student assistant / infrastructure 22/23)

Earlier employees:
Matthias Rosenthal (Scientific-technical employee / project support / technical setup 21/22)
Pasha Eghtesadi (Student assistant / VR-Tutor 20/21)
Dmitry Kuznetsov (Student assistant / VR Tutor 19/21)
Hannes Hummel (Scientific-technical employee / project support / technical setup

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